XLR8 was a robot that competed in the Swimming event during Series 2 of Techno Games in 2001. It managed to win its first heat, but lost in the semifinals to Calypso and Brutosaurus.

Robot History Edit

2001 Edit

In XLR8's first heat, it went up against Eric the Eel, Deus ex Piscina, Robo Duck and Lawrence the Learner. XLR8 got the faster start, but it crashed against the right side wall and wasn't going as fast as it did from the start. Despite this, the other were struggling to reach XLR8 and it managed to finish at a slow time of 4:56:71. This win put XLR8 to the Swimming semifinals, where it faced Brutosaurus, Roboducky, Hydra and Series 1 gold medalist Calypso.

In the semifinal, Calypso and Brutosaurus easily passed XLR8 to earn a spot for the Swimming finals at 20 seconds and 33 seconds respectively. XLR8 almost made it for third, but Roboducky passed it at 2:36:13 and XLR8 broke down toward the finish line. Because of this, XLR8 never finished and it was eliminated from the Swimming event.

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