Whizz Bang original

The original Whizz Bang


Whizz Bang 2 from 2002 and 2003

Whizz Bang was a Cycling competitor that entered the Techno Games of 2001-2003. Initially a entrant that could not steer very well, it was rebuilt for 2002 as a much smaller and more controllable form called Whizz Bang 2. Team A-Kill entered Robot Wars with A-Kill in Series 3 with a Middleweight, a heavyweight A-Kill in Series 6 and Saw Point/Saw Point 2 in Extreme 2 and Series 7.


Whizz Bang faced Curves but kept on driving off the track.


Wight Lightning was Whizz Bang 2's first opponent and shown just much it had improved in between series by winning in just 33.09 secs, setting a new WR.

Whizz Bang 2 met Loony Cycle in the final of the Cycling and won in just 28.97 secs, setting another new WR.


Whizz Bang 2 was the only entrant this series to not have a opponent but finished in a much slow time of 1 minute, 17 seconds.

Loony Cycle faced Whizz Bang 2 for a second time in the semis and Whizz Bang 2 was quicker robot, finishing first. However, Loony Cycle with a time of 54.66 secs after penalties was added to Whizz Bang 2's time, increasing Whizz Bang 2's time to 1 minute 17.22 seconds.

Whizz Bang 2 faced Wide Mouth Frog Rides Again in the play off, Whizz Bang 2 with a time of 40.97 secs.