Vomit is a Shot Putt competitor from Oakbank school in Keighley. It appeared in the 2000 Techno Games where it did reasonable but still didn't win.

Robot History Edit


The strangely named Vomit used a cannon like device to shoot the shot putt forth and hopefully far. On the first attempt the team used a hammer to hit the value to release pressure shooting the shot putt, however things did not go as planned as one team mate hit the robot with the hammer nothing happened.

Vomit's second attempt was more successful as the hammer did its job, unfortunately it didn't shoot the shot putt far.

Vomit had one last chance in winning the event and beating Kluk's impressive score. Despite missing some hammer swings, Vomit failed to beat Kluk and in fact got a worse distance. This eventually left Kluk as the Shot Putt gold medalist for the year.

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