Tin Tackler

Tin Tackler

Tin Tackler was a Football entrant from Techno Games 2003. It entered Robot wars as The Steel Avenger, competing in Series 3, 4, Extreme 1, 5, Extreme 2 and 7. It entered the Tag Team Terror with Lightning in Extreme 2. It was meant to be replaced in Series 7 but its replacement (SA2) wasn't ready, so The Steel Avenger was slightly modifiied in its last Robot Wars appearence. SA2 has now being sold or is up for sale. The Steel Avenger has now been sold is now competing in the live circuit.


Tin Tackler worked with Thunder in the Football, forming Team Flash. The Mouseketeers was the first team to lose to Team Flash, losing two-one. Team Flash lost their match against Storm Chaser & Sprocket 3-0 in round 2 or 3.

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