Season 1, Episode 5
Air date 24th March 2000
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Techno Games 2000/Day 4
Techno Games 2001/Day 1

Day 5 was the last of five days which held multiple events all of which would lead to a final to see who'll get Bronze,Silver or Gold. This was originally aired on the 24th March 2000. This was the final for two of the main events as well as the first for one other.

Events Edit


Sprint FinalEdit

Waddle started off moving while Lemming failed to move from the starting position. One of the team mates rushed to fix Lemming which had cost some time but they were successful. Waddle continued to walk and was way ahead of Lemming who had only just started to move off. Lemming suffered another problem and started to walk towards the right and towards the wall, which caused another team mate wander out and position the robot central. This didn't matter as Waddle was mile ahead and around three minutes later would finish winning the Sprint competition.
Winner: Waddle


Round 1Edit



Swimming FinalEdit

The winners of all the Swimming qualifiers came together for this. The race started with all three robots swimming neck and neck. However the intense race had a sudden shock with Cyber Shark stopping quickly after it had set off, leaving Calypso and Snappy to continue the race. The race between the two wasn't as close as it once was as Calypso was further ahead than Snappy and reached the end in a quick time of 00:34:55 seconds. Snappy came second continuing despite losing.
Winner: Calypso

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