Season 1, Episode 2
Air date 22nd March 2000
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Day 3 was the third of five days which held multiple events all of which would lead to a final to see who'll get Bronze,Silver or Gold. This was originally aired on the 22nd March 2000.

Events Edit


Cyber Shark vs Flower BotEdit

To start with Cyber Shark started well bobbing up and down while Flowerbot was struggling to just getting started. As Cyber Shark navigated its way to the finishing line, Flowerbot on the other hand was spinning in circles going nowhere. Cyber Shark eventually finished at a time of 1:13:63 seconds, Flowerbot didn't finish and instead drove into the wall.
Winner: Cyber Shark

Rope ClimbingEdit

Havoc vs TarzanEdit

Havoc started off slowly climbing the rope while Tarzan struggled to even move. As Tarzan failed to move, the team gave up and laughed while Havoc ever so slowly moved to the top, however, around the 1 minute mark Havoc itself stopped completely. Despite this Havoc won as it travelled the furthest.
Winner: Havoc

Stasis vs BumblebotEdit

Both robots moved incredibly slowly, however, Bumblebot managed to slowly overtake Stasis. However Bumblebot who started well began to slip up and down in the same position on the rope. Stasis starts to take a lead but it was extremely slow at climbing, Bumblebot started to fall further down the rope. Due to the event taking too long they cancelled the climbing and gave an automatic win to Stasis.
Winner: Stasis



Before the "mouse" had its turn, the team expressed a fear that Blipsqueak might not work due to the lighting and the sensors. Blipsqueak started off well navigating the maze, however before it exited its corner one team mate used his hand to assist Blipsqueak. Despite this the judges had no problem with this action and allowed Blipsqueak to continue and it managed to get to the corner on the other side of the maze.
Result: 1:41:31 seconds

Semi-Intelligent ArcherEdit

Semi-Intelligent Archer had a very slow start and soon crashed into the first wall as it emerged from its corner. Every turn Semi-Intelligent Archer made it crashed into the wall, slowly. After a slow and chaotic run, Semi-Intelligent Archer eventually got to the end of the maze.
Result: 1:44:07 seconds

Horse PowerEdit

Horse Power quickly exited its corner and sped away where it ended up getting into a dead end by accident. In quick succession Horse Power turns around and gets to the bottom where it makes another wrong turn and drives into a dead end. Horse Power evacuates and sprints away where it once again gets into a dead end, but only for it to turn around and get to the end soon afterwards.
Results: 00:27:03 seconds


T.A.D. was prepped and ready on the starting block, even if the team knew they wouldn't win. Unfortunately, T.A.D. turned and instantly drove into the wall getting stuck. The team stop the robot and reactivate it only for T.A.D. to drive forward and into another wall. The team then stopped the robot and decided to forfeit.
Results: Retired

High JumpEdit


Lemming vs SkeetaEdit

The match started with Lemming very slowly walking the course, bumping into the walk a few teams. Meanwhile, Skeeta failed to move past the starting line. The match was ended after a while with Lemming being declared the winner, as it had moved the farthest before they ended the match. Afterwards, it was revealed that a piece of Skeeta's equipment had broke, which explained why Skeeta failed to move. Lemming would then go on to face Waddle, the only other qualified competitor.