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Techno Games 2000

Techno Games logo
Presenter(s) Ulrika Jonsson
Interviewer(s) Ed Hall
Sophie Blake
Technical Presenter(s) Noel Sharkey
Martin Smith
Commentator Barry Davies
No. of episodes 5
Original channel BBC Two
Original run 20 – 24 March 2000
Preceded by None
Succeeded by Techno Games 2001

Techno Games 2000 was the first series of Techno Games aired over one week in March 2000.



Day 1Edit

{{Main article:Day 1}}

Day 2Edit

{{Main article:Day 2}}

  • Shot Putt
    • Warrior: 3.34m and Retired after 1st Attempt.
    • Kluk: No Throw from 1st Attempt, 6.05m and 6.18m (Winner)
    • Vomit: No Throw from 1st Attempt, 3.82m and 3.71m
  • Petrol Sprint
  • Rope Climbing Heat 1
    • Simian vs Skeletron: Simian won (03.50 secs) with Skeletron also qualifying (31.20 secs)

Day 3Edit

{{Main article:Day 3}}

Day 4Edit

{{Main article:Day 4}}

Day 5Edit

{{Main article:Day 5}}

  • Senior Sprint Finals
    • Waddle vs Lemming: Waddle won (3:49.52 secs)
  • Soccer
    • Merlin R.F.C. (England) vs Drakes R.F.C. (England): Merlin wins 3-2
    • Drakes R.F.C. (England) vs University of Wales R.F.C. (Wales): Drakes wins 4-0
    • Merlin R.F.C. (England) vs University of Dortmund R.F.C. (Germany): Merlin won by Default
  • Swimming Finals
    • Calypso vs Snappy vs Cyber Shark: Calypso won (34.55 secs)


  • Petrol Sprint: Tecumseh
  • Senior Sprint: Waddle
  • Junior Sprint: Mark III
  • Swimming: Calypso
  • Rope Climb: Simian
  • Solar Power Marathon: Mad Pup
  • Long Jump: Fleabot
  • High Jump: Bottle of Doom
  • Shot Putt: Kluk
  • Gymnastics: Tom and Jerry
  • Rocketry
    • Egg Lofting: HV-Arcas (Stuart Shore)
  • Micro Mouse: Horse Power
  • Soccer: Merlin R.F.C. (England)
  • Environmental Award: Sunburn
  • Best Teamwork: Cyber Shark
  • Best Performance: Kluk
  • Best Engineered: Tecumseh
  • Technology Award: Tina Treks
  • NESTA Sportsmanship Award: Skeletron

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