The Swimming pool

The Swimming event involved robots swimming along the surface a 25 metre long swimming pool with human or animal like movements.

There was a subclass of the Swimming competition called the Submersed Swimming where each competitor needed to travel under the water.









  • Calypso vs Lemming : Calypso won
  • Cyber Shark vs Flower Bot : Cyber Shark won
  • Kip vs Sarj vs Snappy : Snappy won
  • Calypso vs Snappy vs Cyber Shark : Calypso won


  • Techno Duck vs Swimosaurus vs Froggit vs Fat Salamander vs Flippersaurus: Swimosaurus won (1:45.17 secs)
  • Techno Tyrant vs Roboducky vs Wave Cutter vs Aqua Bot vs Quackers: Roboducky won (1:02.41 sec)
  • Dippy Flippy vs Mike the Swimmer vs Splashing Fun Barbie vs Gums vs The Destroyer: Dippy Flippy won (55.73 secs)
  • Quack Attack 2 vs Jawz vs Orca vs Robobob vs Dinoduck: Robobob won (1:02.55 secs)
  • Eric the Eel vs XLR8 vs Deus Ex Piscina vs Robo Duck vs Lawrence the Learner: XLR8 won (4:56.71 secs)
  • Manta Ray vs Hydra vs Water Boatman vs Quack Attack vs Swimatron: Hydra won (59.28 secs)
  • K9000 vs Flog the Frog vs Speed vs Armless vs Gemima Paddleduck: K9000 won (21.91 secs, new WR)
  • Swimbot vs Brutosaurus vs Mr S Wim vs Erica's Body Parts vs Robocod: Brutosaurus won (34.25 secs)
  • Fred the Frog vs Bob vs Keeler Carrot vs S.N.A.P. vs Beast Of A Machine: S.N.A.P. won (1:47.46 secs)
  • Belfast Gem vs Calyspo vs Westgator vs Silver Sword vs The Bomb vs Jack the Flipper: Calypso won (19.60 secs, new WR)

  • S.N.A.P. vs Robobob vs Swimosaurus vs K9000 vs Dippy Flippy: K9000 won (23.49 secs) with Dippy Flippy also qualifying (59.03 secs)
  • Calypso vs Roboducky vs Brutosaurus vs XLR8 vs Hydra: Calypso won (20.27 secs) with Brutosaurus also qualifying (33.19 secs)

  • Dippy Flippy vs Calypso vs Brutosaurus vs K9000: K9000 won (21.00secs) with Calypso coming second (21.16 secs) and Brutosaurus third (31.77 secs)


  • Jigosaurus vs Turn Turtle vs Roboduck vs Bouy-Ant vs Stealth Stingray: Roboduck won (19.40, new WR) with Bouy-Ant coming second (35.97 secs)
  • Sewme-Nator vs Nautilus Mega-Kid vs Supersonicsquiddy vs K9000 II vs Linford Lobster: Nautilus Mega-Kid won (31.19 secs) with K9000 II coming second (49.03 secs)
  • Flying Donkey vs Hydra 2 vs Robomaran vs Alison vs Tad 1: Tad 1 won (47.15 secs) with Hydra 2 also qualifying (1:00.00 secs)
  • Mammoth vs Hippocrit vs Pete the Penguin vs Calypso vs Water Babe: Hippocrit won (28.25 secs) with Pete the Penguin also qualifying (1:00.50 secs)
  • Cyber Duck vs Crocotron vs Eric the Eel II vs Doggy Paddle Deluxe vs Erica 2: Doggy Paddle Deluxe won (16.34 secs, new WR) with Cyber Duck coming second (22.38 secs)
  • Splash vs Hydrodeuce vs Cetacea vs Brutosaurus vs Bob: Brutosaurus won (16.41 secs) with Hydrodeuce coming second (24.09 secs)
  • Bermuda vs Molly Nessie Green vs ??? vs Froggit vs ???: Molly Nessie Green won (41.30 secs) with Bermuda coming second (did not finish)
  • ??? vs ??? vs Tango vs Leggy Peggy vs ??? vs ???: Tango won (21.07 secs) with Leggy Peggy coming second (22.03 secs)
  • Quack 1 vs Marlin vs Turtle Duck vs Swimosaurus vs Sir Roboat Sinksalot: Marlin won (11.47 secs) with Turtle Duck coming second

  • Hippocrit vs Molly Nessie Green vs K9000 II vs Doggy Paddle Deluxe: Doggy Paddle Deluxe won (15.56 secs)
  • Leggy Peggy vs Hydrodeuce vs Roboduck vs Tango vs Tad 1: Roboduck won (18.53 secs)

  • vs : won
  • vs : won

  • vs : Marlin won (11.12 secs, new WR) with Brutosaurus coming second, Doggy Paddle Deluxe coming third and Rododuck fourth (18.85 secs).


  • ??? vs Cyber Duck 2 vs ??? vs Hippocrit: Cyber Duck 2 won (17.53 secs)
  • ??? vs Turtle Duck vs ??? vs ???: Turtle Duck won (19.28 secs)
  • ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs Barking Frog: Barking Frog won (25.12 secs)
  • Sadie vs Bouy-Ant vs Stumpy vs Duffield Platypus: Bouy-Ant won (11.22 secs)
  • ??? vs Draco Duck vs ??? vs ???: Draco Duck won (36.47 secs)
  • ??? vs Robo Duck vs ??? vs ???: Robo Duck won (15.83 secs)
  • ??? vs ??? vs ??? vs Milford Duck: Milford Duck won (27.54 secs)
  • Shakey vs ??? vs ??? vs ???: Shakey won (14.71 secs)

  • Cyber Duck 2 vs Shakey vs Robo Duck vs Draco Duck: Shakey won (14.00 secs)
  • Turtle Duck vs Bouy-Ant vs Barking Frog vs Milford Duck: Turtle Duck won (18.60 secs)

  • Cyber Duck 2 vs Shakey vs Robo Duck vs Turtle Duck: Shakey won (12.59 secs)

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