Strut was a robot from Dunscroft in South Yorkshire that competed in the Lightweight Sprint during Series 3 of Techno Games in 2002. It performed decently as it reached the semifinals before losing to the three-time Lightweight Sprint champion Scuttle and Daisy.

Robot HistoryEdit

Techno Games 2002Edit

In Strut's first heat, it went up against Scuttle, Cyber Snail and Lovebug. After an easy and quick first place from Scuttle at 4:40 seconds, the three remaining robots were walking very slowly for a spot in the Lightweight Sprint semifinals. Among the three robots, Strut was the slightly faster robot and finished second at 1:37:62 seconds. Despite the slow performance, it was the seventh best overall and this was good enough for Strut to qualify with Scuttle to the Lightweight Sprint semifinals.

In Strut's semifinal heat, it went up against Scuttle again along with Daisy and Krocatron. Like last time, Scuttle easily finished first at 4:90 seconds and advanced to the Lightweight Sprint finals. After this, it was a battle for the final spot in the Lightweight Sprint finals between it, Krocatron and Daisy. Unfortunately, Daisy was the faster walker of the three and finished second at 1:26:90. Because of this and Krocatron finishing third in the heat, Strut never reached the finish line and was eliminated overall.

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