Spot Landing was a Rocketry event where entrants had to land as close to the target, using the parachute before landing, failure to deploy the parachute will render the distance or closeness to the target as void. Some entrants, one being Shellshocked, entered Egg Lofting.






  • Tomahawk: 14.75m
  • Titania: 34.50m
  • M.L.V.: 29.50m
  • Shellshocked: 47.60m
  • Blue: 27.00m
  • Windy City: 33.50m
  • Sickasaurus: 28.05m
  • Zatzoomer: 74.00m
  • Heathcliff: 36.05m

  • Sickasaurus: 3.65m (no parachute)
  • M.L.V.: 12.25m (Silver)
  • Blue: 72.60m
  • Tomahawk: 10.10m (Gold)
  • Windy City: 41.70m
  • Titania: 26.30m (Bronze)

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