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The Solar Challenge involved robots with a solar panel racing along a 25 metre long track by use of Solar power alone.

This event initially had a poor start as during the second competition in Series 2, Push-It was the only robot to move, setting a record time of just over two minutes. The event improved dramatically the next series with every robot moving and Quickie setting setting a record time of roughly 12 seconds. The next series they were knocked out in the semi-finals and the new record was set at 4.25 seconds.



  • ???





  • Quickie (Gold, 2002)
  • ??? (Silver, 2002)
  • ??? (Bronze, 2002)



  • ??? vs ???: Sun Burn won


  • Goliath vs Push It: Push It won (2:08.50 secs)



  • Quickie vs ??? vs ??? vs ???: Quickie won (7.10)
  • ??? vs ??? vs Lei vs ???: won (12.16 secs)
  • ??? vs ??? vs Solar Roller vs ???: Solar Roller won (9.07 secs)
  • ??? vs Edasonic vs ??? vs ???: won (6.96 secs)
  • Solar Flare vs Helios vs Solar Wind 2 vs Gonzalez: Gonzalez won (5.37 secs, new WR)
  • ??? vs Blue Sun vs Black hole v ???: Black Hole won (9.59 secs)
  • ??? vs Prometheus vs Helios the First vs ???: Prometheus won (5.50 secs)
  • Umbris vs Photon Phlyer 2 vs Phoebius vs Straw Speedster: Phoebius won (4.93 secs, new WR)

  • Apollo Guys vs Quickie vs Heliosonic vs Gonzalez: Gonzalez won (5.34 secs) with Heliosonic also qualifying
  • Black Hole vs Prometheus vs Phoebius vs Solar Roller: Phoebius won (4.25 secs, new WR) with Prometheus coming second (5.22 secs)

  • Heliosonic vs Phoebius vs Gonzalez vs Prometheus: Phoebius won (5.28 secs) whilst Gonzalez came second (5.57 secs) and Heliosonic came third (7.94 secs)

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