Scuttlebsquared tg02


Scuttle B² was a Heavyweight Sprint entrant from Techno Games 2002 and 2003. It was actually walkerbot Anarchy from Robot Wars and the team also entered Techno Games with Transpower. The team also built a smaller version of Scuttle-B-Squared called Scuttle, which won the lightweight sprint events in Series 2 and 3 after self destructing in the first series.


In its heat, it obliterated the WR with a time of 15.19 seconds against Critter.

It then beat its record with a time of 13.06 seconds in the semi final against Black Widow.

It then beat Ulysses in the final to claim the Gold.


It returned the following year and easily beat the really slow Cyborg in round 1.

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