Philippa Forrester is a British television and radio presenter as well as an author. She is perhaps most famous for her role as a pit reporter in Robot Wars and presenter for Techno Games 2002 and 2003.

Techno Games Edit

Philippa became host of the Techno Games in 2002. Ironically she took over as host from Jayne Middlemiss, who took over Forrester's job as pit reporter on Robot Wars when the show moved to Five for Series 7. Like the previous presenters she opened up the show and each event, she would interview Technical presenters and robotic experts about how each competitor would fare.

Outside Techno Games Edit

Philippa was pit reporter for Robot Wars. She reported for the first three wars, pulled out of the Fourth wars and Extreme, due to pregnancy) and reported for the fifth and sixth wars before being replaced for the Seventh. Forrester first worked for the BBC as a presenter on CBBC until 1994. She hosted many programmes including Tomorrow's World, Barking Mad and The Heaven and Earth Show.

She also co-presented the BBC's coverage of the solar eclipse in 1999. At the end of the same year she was part of the corporation's team covering the turn of the new millennium. She was infamously fooled into appearing on the spoof documentary Brass Eye's 2001 paedophilia special when she explained how a paedophile could use a pair of gloves to touch children through a television screen.

She has appeared in television adverts for Lloyds Pharmacy and supports the Recycle Now campaign to encourage more people to take up home composting.

In 2007, she co-produced An Otter in the Family, a documentary series about the adoption of a cub called Grace and their attempts to raise her in order to be released into the wild. She is a co-presenter of World on the Move, a BBC Radio series on migration in the animal kingdom.

In 2010 she presented Halcyon River Diaries, a wildlife show, which looked at the various animal species that lived near her home. She returned to presenting in 2013 on the BBC programme Harvest which followed the progress of Britain's vegetable, cereal and fruit harvests.

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