Noel Sharkey is a British computer scientist from Belfast and Coleraine, Northern Ireland. He is best known for his appearances as a judge on the robot combat television series Robot Wars, and as a "techspert" on Techno Games.

Techno Games Edit

Noel Sharkey appeared from the very beginning crossing over from BBC's other show Robot Wars. Noel Sharkey held a prominent role in all four series of Techno Games, alongside Martin Smith, where he was given the title of 'techspert'. Philippa Forrester and Jayne Middlemiss would consult the two for opinions on the competing robots, and explanations on how they work, sometimes including predictions. Sharkey's role as a Robot Wars judge was commonly referenced on Techno Games.

Outside Techno Games Edit

Sharkey co-hosted Bright Sparks, a science and engineering challenge series, for BBC Northern Ireland. He also produces and presents a weekly radio show for community radio station Sheffield Live called The Sound of Science.

Sharkey has made many other television appearances including 10 episodes of What would happen if? (National Geographic Channel), Blue Peter, CBBC, Dara Ó Briain's Science Club, The Big Questions, BBC News, Sky News, News Night, and The One Show, and many overseas appearances including television in China, Egypt, the USA, and around Europe.

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