Kluk was a Shot Putt machine from Woodkirk High from Bradford. It appeared in the 2000 Techno Games where it won the Shot Putt competition.

Robot History Edit


Originally Kluk was going to have two giant Chicken mascots but they couldn't add it on due to them not fitting in the car. The robot was fitted with large bungee bands and a long rod that would spring the shot putt outwards. On their first attempt the shot putt rolled down the robot and ended up damaging some of Kluk's workings.

Unlike Warrior, who had to forfeit, Kluk took the time to use a second attempt.On their second attempt there was a slight second delay but this time the mechanism fired and the shot putt when far and beat Warrior's distance by 3 more metres.

In the final round Kluk were prepared to try and beat their previous attempt with something better. Like before it fired correctly, albeit with a slight second delay and the robot was successful in beating its previous attempt.

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