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Internal combustion race

Ulysses and Tecumseh race

Internal Combustion Sprint was a event for walkers. It was originally the Internal Combustion Sprint competition in 2000/2001 due to just Petrol engines being allowed. It was renamed the Heavyweight Sprint in 2002/2003 with electric motors being allowed. The reason for it being renamed may be down to the producers wanting to keep the lighter sprinters separate from the heavier sprinters as heavyweight Millennium Bug entered the Battery Sprint in 2001 and lighter sprinters (like Sprint Fish) entered the Internal Combustion Sprint the same year.









  • Tina Treks vs Tecumseh: Tecumseh Won


  • Sprint Fish vs Ulysses vs Miss Struts: Ulysses won (51.62 secs, new WR)
  • Dave the Tortoise vs Don't Walk on the Grass vs Tecumseh: Tecumseh won (1:00.06 secs)

  • Tecumseh vs Ulysses: Uylsses won (1:01.76 secs)


  • Scuttle-B-Squared vs Critter: Scuttle-B-Squared won (15.19 secs, new WR)
  • Black Widow vs Ulysses: Ulysses won (42.47 secs) but Black Widow also qualified for round 2 (2:01.59 secs)
  • Clod Hopper vs Kingshurst Flyer: Clod Hopper won (1:28.00 secs)

  • Scuttle-B-Squared vs Black Widow: Scuttle-B-Suared won (13.06 secs, new WR)
  • Ulysses vs Clod Hopper: Ulysses won ( secs)

  • Ulysses vs Scuttle-B-Squared: Scuttle-B-Squared won (11.60 secs, new WR)


  • Cyborg vs Scuttle-B-Squared: Scuttle-B-Squared won (16.68 secs)

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