Cyborg was a large humanoid shape walker robot that appeared in the Heavyweight Sprint event in the 2003 Techno Games and was the successor to Critter which appeared the year before with no success.

Robot History Edit


Cyborg vs scuttle

Cyborg just barely pass the start line while Scuttle finishes

Cyborg was up against Scuttle B² again, this time they wanted revenge and were determined to "stomp on its head". As Scuttle sped away, Cyborg was left behind slowly creeping forward but whereas the faulty Scuttle managed to keep going at a fast pace and eventually crossed the line at a time of 00:16:68 seconds, Cyborg had only gotten a metre away from the starting line.

Outside Techno Games Edit

Ajjay RWExtreme1

Ajjay's appearance at Robot Wars Extreme Series 1.

The team also entered Robot Wars with a robot called Ajjay. Ajjay was a circular grey and red robot armed with a set of four flailing arms mounted on its body. It competed exclusively in a Wild Card Warriors battle against Series 4 Grand Finalist Stinger in Robot Wars Extreme Series 1, which it lost on a judges' decision.

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