Typhoon 870

870 Squadron was a Football entrant from Techno Games 2003. It was built by Team Typhoon. 870 Squadron was actually Typhoon, the three times Middleweight Champion of Robot Wars, which beat Mammoth twice. The team also entered cycling entrant Byphoon.


It worked Typhoon Rover in the Football, forming Team Typhoon. The first team to lose to Team Typhoon was Team Pink, beating them five-nil. In the quarter-finals, Team Typhoon met Team Toaster and were winning until the match was stopped when Ickle sent the ball into the audience. Team Toaster then withdrew from the competition; sending Team Typhoon straight through to the semi-finals. The team lost their semi-final match against Team BB, two-one.


  • The 870 comes from the Squadron number the team had in the Air Training Corps.

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